Website Services

KatalystM’s Website Platforms and Services go beyond the basics of Website Optimisation. With the Industry-Leading Testing and Optimisation Solutions, you can quantify and Optimise your Online Marketing Spend.

Our Content Analysis Tools help Digital Marketing and Communications teams quickly Improve the Quality of their Online Content. Teams can scan Websites in minutes Saving Hours of Review Time. We highlight poor readability, risky and inconsistent brand content with Actionable Scorecards.

Everything Marketers Need to Optimize Web, Mobile, and Apps

Website optimization is as easy as a single line of code. Bring all your customer data into focus. Run simple A/B testing and super-complex multivariate testing. Track and analyze customer behavior across all channels. Sharpen your personalization sweet spot. Gain customer insights like never before.

Our platform and solutions – along with customized consulting services – will set you on the path to successful website optimization.

Oracle Maxymiser

Discover results no one else can give you: Oracle Maxymiser is one of a kind. With the industry-leading testing and optimization solution, you can quantify and optimize your online marketing spend. It’s the most sophisticated platform available for multipage, multistage, secure, and dynamic optimization. You now have the power to create tailored, engaging, and seamless experiences – and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Connect with all your marketing data: Seamless integrations with your data management platform, CRM, or web analytics will import all first, second and third party data you’ve already gathered. Couple with our real-time session data and proven algorithms, you will now have the power to drive actionable customer profiles and accurate personalization. It doesn’t matter where the data comes from, our platform will process it all.

Scale your optimization efforts: Whatever the volume, pace, and complexity of your tests, our enterprise platform is up to the job. We serve 20 billion unique experiences every month, each in just milliseconds. Test what you want, as often as you want.

Implement optimization with ease: Ease of use is at the core of our platform, but you’re not limited to small or simple ideas. Our clients think big because more optimization programs can mean better, faster results. And our “one line of code, forever” deployment means you don’t have to wait for IT development cycles to get to the heart of your business.