Marketing Automation Solutions

Marketing only truly pays off if you reach scale, but scaling up a customer focused approach to hundreds of thousands or millions of customers requires automation. It is no coincidence that marketing is becoming increasingly technology driven and IT expenditure forms an increasing proportion of marketing budgets.

KatalystM has two kinds of people; marketing savvy techies and tech savvy marketers. We work with your Marketing Department and liaise with your IT Department, truly integrating technology into your marketing and giving you the best of both worlds.


Marketing automation requires a specific strategy. We help you evolve your current marketing strategy into one that is optimized for personalized 1:1 marketing.

At the core of any organisation are its people, and the team at KatalsytM is comprised mainly of people with strong Marketing or Technology backgrounds. Many of them come from Marketing Agencies or Technology Consulting firms, however, what they all have in common is a passion for the delivery of best-in-class “Customer Life Cycle” based Marketing Solutions – powered and driven by high-quality technology.

Products & Solutions

Our Marketing Automation Services:
• Marketing Strategy
• Platform Selection
• Campaign Design
• Customer Lifecycle Programs
• Marketing Transformation (The move between Campaigns to Programs)
• Marketing Automation Integrations (e.g. SFDC)
• Social Integration

Responsive Design & Interactive Creative

Our artists not only work with paintbrushes to visualise your stories they are master coders painting on a digital canvas. They are visual communicators bringing your stories alive & interactive. They are a mixture of creative, technical and communication specialists, who create visual communiqués attuned to ever-changing digital requirements.

Data, Data, Data

We live in a world of abundant data. More often then not, organisations fail to be able to make good use of data that is available to them or struggle to collect and synthesise data to effectively drive marketing efforts. Smart marketing requires smart data that is relevant at every touch point. Our team helps organisations make ethical use of data and work with multiple and disparate data sources to create a compelling customer journey for your marketing efforts.

Audience & Web Analytics

Beyond mere numbers are actual people; they are your audience. And your audience’s past behaviour is by far the best predictor for their future behaviour. We increase your marketing precision by feeding back our web and response analytics into your database, creating more relevance and better segmentations.