Improve Leads and Returns with Marketing Automation

Companies using Automation see 53% Better Qualified Leads

Getting your Marketing to the Next Level

Improve Customer Experience and Transform your Data into Actionable Insights

Partnering with the Best Automation Platforms

Oracle Eloqua and Responsys, Watson Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Redeye CONTOUR, dotmailer, and Sage CRM

Marketing Cloud Strategy

Marketing automation requires a specific strategy. We help you evolve your current marketing strategy into one that is optimized for personalized 1:1 marketing.

Platforms and Solutions

Tools, platforms and solutions are like a factory’s production line. We help you acquire the right solution from one of our partners, we design and optimise the foundation and ensure it delivers results.


Getting the right solution and optimizing it is one thing but you need implementation and change management to get it up and running. You can leave this task to our implementation experts.

Agency Services

If your team is too small to run operations or you want to focus on your core-business then let us do the operations. Brief your campaigns and promotions to our operations team and we’ll make sure they get delivered.

Measurement & Reporting

Marketing automation is driven by data from start to end. We help you setting it up and then getting the results measured and reported in an easy to communicate way.

Innovating for tomorrow

Chat applications, predictive data analytics, omni-channel marketing are some of the areas we stay abreast with so we can help you innovate your sales & marketing ahead of everybody else.

Sales Automation

Our Sales Automation Platforms empower businesses to attain a competitive advantage by generating more value from the information you have today and will leverage in the future.

Data Science

At the core of everything is DATA. Understanding how data can be best utilised, analysed managed, shared, or even reported upon, is Data Science.

Website Services

Our content analysis tools help digital marketing and communications teams quickly improve the quality of their online content and highlight risky content.

We enable 1:1 personalised Marketing

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Strategic Partners

Oracle Responsys
Oracle Responsys
IBM Watson
Salesforce Pardot

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