Sales Automation

The KatalystM portfolio of Sales Automation Platforms empower businesses to gain a competitive edge by getting more value from the information you have and will leverage in the future. KatalystM’s combination of Sales Automation knowledge, 20+ years experience, unsurpassed level of customer service make KatalystM the preferred choice of clients looking to implement a Sales Automation Platform.


Today, companies base their Sales Automation strategy and capability plans not just on Sales Automation Platforms but also on developing and focusing skills in other areas, such as Sales Automation processes, people, and customer insights. KatalystM has found that companies do not first adopt a Sales Automation Platform and then build their Sales Automation initiatives around it. Rather, they develop a more balanced approach to conceiving and implementing Sales Automation strategic capabilities.

KatalystM assists organisations in developing Sales Automation strategies, change management process that addresses the organisation, its processes and its employees in achieving defined goals, strengthening customer relationships and building KPI and measurements to allow teams to monitor, adapt and enhance a customer centric approach to business.

Sales Automation Selection

Sales Automation software selection projects should adhere to proven practices to lay a path for implementation success and begin a journey, which leads to a planned destination. KatalystM believes obstacles are sure to present themselves. However, we can help you can prepare you with the lessons learned, best practices and shared experiences incurred by our Sales Automation professionals, who have guided this process multiple times over. Our Sales Automation expert’s shares research, content, curated information and a collective experience of industry veterans to deliver the insight and approaches, which achieve predictable software selection success.

Process Design & Workflow

Our consultants offer outstanding services in the field of business process analysis. We can work with all levels of your organisation to determine how information is flowing and, more importantly, how it can be improved to benefit the business at large. The first step to any solution, be it business or technology-based, is here.

Sales Automation Customisation

KatalystM maintains certified Sales Automation consultants to ensure your software is configured to meet your Sales Automation strategy. We implement industry best practices in the design stage to ensure your solution meets your needs today and well into the future.

We offer a variety of development services tailored specifically for your organisation. From planning and design, through development, our skilled consultants serve the specific needs of your business.

Sales Automation Integration

KatalystM offers some of the best expertise available to businesses that need to add controls to the flood of corporate data. Our consultants analyse your data, and relate it to actual business needs, design new databases, manage your existing ones, and integrate systems that are as diversified as Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, ERP, EIS, and in-house developed solutions.

Implementation & Training

Increase business process benefits and provide enhanced service to your team. KatalystM gives you the advanced knowledge and skills required for your product investments. Let KatalystM be your first choice provider for all your implementation and educational needs.


When you need it, where you need it. Preserving your valuable IT resources with fast and efficient technical services.

KatalystM will assist you with CRM support needs. Over the years, KatalystM has helped many users in the CRM communities, via onsite services, remote access and e-mail. Now we are making our support, and services available directly to you. Once you have a opened a Support account with KatalystM there are multiple ways in which you can contact us to service your needs.