Managed Services

KatalystM managed services offerings based on the practice of outsourcing key activities and functions related to end Marketing, Sales, and Data Science services. A strategic method for clients to improve marketing and sales operations while reducing expenses.

If your team is too small to run operations or you want to focus on your core business then let us do the operations. Brief your campaigns and promotions to our operations team and we’ll make sure they get delivered.


KatalystM has a variety of Managed Services that allow clients to draw from our team’s core capabilities, extend their marketing and sales automation programs, with the desired services on an ongoing basis.

From Digital Marketing, Audience & Web analytics, Story Development & Strategy, and Customer Relevancy & Loyalty. Please explore our managed services offerings below for more information.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not just about websites and interfaces, emails and SMSes, social media and mobile apps any more. It is about creating your own specific stories in a mix of all of these channels. We help you find your way in the ever increasing diversity of the digital space, routing your customers to your products and propositions in a way that suits them best. This way you stay relevant and maximise revenues.

Audience & Web Analytics

Beyond mere numbers are actual people; they are your audience. And your audience’s past behaviour is by far the best predictor for their future behaviour. We increase your Marketing Precision by feeding back our Web and Response Analytics into your database, creating more Relevance and Better Segmentations.

Story Development & Strategy

We personally miss the tales by the legendary Persian Queen Scheherazade. The magical awe that inspired the king to listen to her fables night after night, so captivating that the King fell in love with and her life was eventually spared. Your Audience Is Your King. You will lose or perhaps not even gain their attention without a compelling story to captivate their hearts and minds. Thus our passion is to chart a journey in your customer/ audience lifecycle and share a compelling story.

Customer Relevancy & Loyalty

Having deep and meaningful relationship with loyal customers is the Holy Grail of marketing. But how do you get that far? One word: relevance.

The key to staying top of mind with your customers is not only to have them come back regularly, but even more, to stay relevant. Loyalty rests on two pillars: rewards, and recognition. And it’s the latter that has the most impact on your customer’s loyalty towards you as a marketer. KatalystM helps you to reach and maintain relevance with a large number of consumers, giving them not only rewards but also the recognition they need.